Recent Clinical Research Case Studies

These recent case studies are a small snapshot of some of our over 1,500 clinical research studies conducted over the past 20+ years.

Clinical Pharmacology

Geriatric Outpatient Study

  • Long-term outpatient study
  • Recruited and screened 640 older, mature adult volunteers
  • 500 participants vetted
  • Formatted and printed labels for twice-daily dosing


Irritation and Sensitization Study

  • Study required 200 subjects to complete
  • 250 enrolled, filled within 3 days
  • Study completed with 241 subjects
  • Daily visits for 21 days
  • Developed overlays and solution for dosing


Demonstrating Biosimilarity to a Reference Product

  • Study required 240 subjects to complete
  • Quick, full recruitment within 30 days of protocol approval
  • 120 days of outpatient returns which required subcutaneous injections

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Multicenter Study

  • Origionally required 250, increased requirement due to local successful recruitment
  • Recruited over 1,000; screened 460 within 6 months
  • Successfully performed forced elbow extensions