clinical research in humansQPS Bio-Kinetic can conduct the following clinical studies to support an application for marketing approval:

  • Single and multi-dose safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic
  • Drug / drug interaction
  • Bioequivalence / bioavailability
  • Food effect
  • Pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics
  • Formula assessment
  • Special population
  • Gender
  • Safety pharmacology (QTc interval, GI motility, etc.)
  • Mechanistic
  • Enzyme inhibition / induction
  • CYP profiling

Dermal & Transdermal

We offer expert study performance for topical and transdermal product development. As part of a global dermatology specialized team, QPS Bio-Kinetic is an integral partner, putting our decades of experience to work for you.

Vaccine Studies

QPS Bio-Kinetic is a leading enroller for vaccine studies with extensive experience, completing thousands of subjects in 45 studies over the last 10 years.

Nutritional Studies

Our site has done extensive studies in foods, beverages, dietary supplements and medical foods. With an onsite exercise science laboratory, we can also do exercise and exercise/nutrition studies.

Early Stage

Our extensive database is filled with special populations which allow us to concentrate on unique study opportunities from women post menopause to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.